Wallace Family Photos | Janet Lin Photography


When Jon and Jessica contacted me about taking photos to celebrate Regan's first year of life, I knew I was in for a treat.  This little one is so excited about her newfound mobility!  She was eager to explore the park while her parents and I chased after her.  She loved feeling new textures, hearing new sounds, and of course, snuggling up to her mommy and daddy. It was a chilly February morning, but the sun was out in full force and almost made it feel like Spring!

Regan is a charmer.  As if that strawberry hair and those striking blue eyes aren't enough, this sweetheart is full of joy to top it all off. Those teeny baby teeth melted my heart away every time they made an appearance, and hearing her squeal with glee as she ran along the gravel path, her tiny feet barely keeping up with her sense of adventure, was enough to make me smile for days.

Looking back through the photos now I get a little teary-eyed remembering the way Jon glanced down at her tiny hands as she held on tight to his finger. I can just feel him savoring this short, perfect stage of life with his baby girl. And when I see that sweet, open-mouthed kiss that Regan gave to her momma mid-shoot, I can't help but think of my own little one's slobbery kisses and how they won't be like this forever. I hope having a photo of that fleeting phase will help Jess remember it forever, even when those slobbery snuggles turn to butterfly kisses.

When we first arranged this shoot, the plan was that only Regan would be photographed.  I encouraged Jon and Jessica to consider jumping in for a few photos, too.  As parents, we snap a million photos of our kids so we can cherish the sweet memory of their youth forever, yet as soon as someone else picks up the camera to document us WITH our children, we often jump out of the frame.

Trust me, I know parenting is messy.  Far more often than not, I have yesterday's makeup on, my hair is in an uncombed bun, and a little bit of my baby boy's breakfast is visibly adorning my clothes. That said, I am in the most beautiful PHASE of my life.  All that mess is a reflection of the tiny miracle that we created; our constant source of joy and our definition of unconditional love. 

Moms and dads, allow me to document these moments for you! The beautiful and the messy, the perfect and imperfect.  I promise, years down the road, you'll be so glad you remember these times as they truly were; with you in the thick of every crazy, beautiful moment.  

Jon and Jessica, you are beautiful, incredible parents and people. I can't wait to snuggle that little one of yours up again in the near future.