Mellissa's Milk Bath Session | Maternity | Janet Lin Photography


Pregnancy is a miracle. It is remarkable. Mind-blowing. Truly indescribable. In fact, my love for photography and this business was inspired by my own pregnancy.  Experiencing something so beautiful, so transformational, yet temporary, made me yearn for a way to preserve the moments that felt too good to be real. 

One of the hardest things to put into words is the inexplicable connection a mother feels with the tiny life growing inside her. With maternity sessions, my goal is not only to capture the beauty of an expectant mother, but to also put into images what words simply cannot describe; a deep connection and love unlike any other.  I have found that a milk bath is one of many perfect ways to do this. 

From the moment Mellissa got into the tub, she seemed to be filled with peace. She was so relaxed and just allowed herself to be focused solely on this beautiful moment in time. The perfectly opaque water highlighted her silhouette in such a soft, delicate, and unique way. It allows the photos to reveal the raw, intimate beauty that is pregnancy. The floating fresh florals added the perfect touch of femininity and freshness to the moment.

I hope these images will bring back memories of this incredible time for Mellissa.  I hope she will be reminded every time she smells fresh flowers of this peaceful, serene, moment when her tiny one was growing securely in her tummy. I hope she'll look back at these photos and think of the moment mid-shoot that her baby boy began to kick, and her mom (who also attended the shoot) pressed her hand against her belly, feeling her grandson's tiny foot for the very first time. I hope she will see her pregnant self and feel like the most beautiful, capable woman on the earth. Mellissa, you are one-of-a-kind, and your sweet little man is so very lucky to have you.