Baby Alexander | Fresh 48 | Janet Lin Photography


Oh, precious Alexander.  I could just sit and stare at this gorgeous baby boy all day long. I had the pleasure of taking his Fresh 48 photos when he was just over 24 hours old, still in the hospital. I'm pretty sure if I had stayed any longer the nursing staff would have kicked me out.  But I couldn't tear myself away from this sweet little one. Newborns are magnetizing! Look at that sweet little nose. And those precious pouty lips. And his whispery soft eyelashes. I just cannot get enough! 

Seeing his daddy admire his tiny features and watching his momma stare dreamily at him as he slept reminded me of how surreal those first few hours and days of parenting a newborn can feel. I'm so glad I could capture these peaceful, sweet details in images that his parents can reflect on, remembering how beautifully perfect their little one was on his first day of life.