Alicia & Mike | Engagement | Janet Lin Photography


Timing, patience, and perseverance.  After hearing Alicia and Mike's beautiful love story, those are the words I would use to characterize their journey. Ironically, those are also the words I would use to describe our adventurous afternoon in the Pacific Northwest wilderness as we set out to capture the perfect engagement photos!

While we had a very specific plan, we were thrown several curveballs and encountered unexpected challenges at every turn. One of the most spectacular things about the PNW is the unpredictable and striking weather.  A few days ago, the location we set out for was covered in a thick later of gorgeous, fresh snow.  When we arrived three days after last visiting the location, not only had the snow melted, but a significant amount of precipitation combined with the melting snow led to major flooding throughout the area and dangerous road conditions, preventing us from getting to our final destination.  

That didn't stop these two! They threw on their rain boots, suited up in warm coats over their glamorous formal outfits, and trudged through tangled foliage, thick muck, and mountainous terrain in order to find an alternate spot.

Thankfully, we were patient and we persevered, which led us to this peaceful, serene lake with not a soul around. And the timing could not have been more perfect. Just as we made our way through the thick brush and fallen trees, the sunlight turned a magnificent shade of golden orange and cast an unbelievable reflection of the mountains and evergreen trees that surrounded us onto the perfectly still water. 

While the process was not at all what we expected, the end result was more beautiful than we could have hoped for.  Alicia and Mike, how amazing is it that this statement can be used to describe both our engagement session and your journey together? Your story is beautiful. And so are each of you.  Thank you for allowing me to document this exciting season of life for you. 

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