Baby Jocelyn | Family | Janet Lin Photography


Jocelyn, darling, you could brighten the darkest of days with your sweet smile and sparkly eyes!  Jocelyn is almost 8 months old and she is already stealing the hearts of every person she encounters. This joyful little love was so content during our session. She liked getting all glammed up in her tutu and pearls and she couldn't stop admiring her sweet baby feet. 

Jocelyn is such a special little one; a true miracle. During her session her mom and I talked about how incredibly blessed we are to be mothers. Years ago, Jocelyn's mom was told that she would not be able to have children. Yet, nearly 8 months ago, she gave birth to this perfect, precious baby girl! We spent the afternoon just marveling at her every inch; those chubby baby thighs and her incredibly soft, smooth baby skin. All teeny, unique details that will fade and change as she grows, but are now preserved in images that this momma can keep forever. 

Jocelyn, you are a beautiful gift.