Weinrich Family | Lifestyle Newborn | Janet Lin Photography


When I walked into the Weinrich family home, I was greeted by a chipper two-and-a-half year old who quickly invited me into his playroom to show me his monster trucks and matchbox cars. I knew that if sweet Caleb's impeccable manners and warm demeanor were any indication of his family dynamic that I was in for a treat!

There is a lot of love in this house. Big brother Caleb was quick to brag about his brand new baby sister, Audrey. He eagerly jumped into the shot to admire her tiny nose, soft cheeks, and gorgeous brown hair when I laid her down on the blanket. We chatted away about how they would grow to be the best of friends, and how he would get to share all of his toys, including his matchbox cars, with her someday. He was excited about the prospect! 

What I love most about lifestyle newborn sessions is that they are designed to capture authentic moments and interactions. Photos that are organically inspired by the real life moments you're experiencing with your growing family, rather than rigidly posed or created.  This allows for new moms and dads to feel relaxed in their natural environment, and to tend for and love on their children as they would at any other time. 

These photos represent still memories of small, precious moments in time. Dad whispering to his baby girl how special she is as he admires her beautiful newness. Mom laughing joyfully as her little one opens her eyes and looks right up at her as if saying, "Hey momma, there you are!" Big brother gazing on at his future playmate as she sleeps peacefully in her crib (for the first time!) Small moments, yes. But so significant. 

Thank you, Weinrich family, for inviting me into your home. I feel so honored to have been able to witness these beautiful moments and preserve them in images.