Alessandra & Jake | Maternity | Janet Lin Photography


This sunset maternity session with Alessandra and her two favorite men was so much fun. Within minutes of our arrival at a beautiful location near Olympia, Washington, four-year-old Jack discovered a snake, rabbit, several geese, and more insects than we could possibly count. He eagerly observed the wildlife around us, inspected a variety of rocks for his personal collection, and still somehow found time to love on Alessandra and Jake and have his picture taken!

This beautiful family is no stranger to adventure. In his short four years of life, little Jack has hiked something to the tune of 500 miles already. Some of his recent adventures include Tolmie Peak, Snow Lake, and Rattlesnake Lake to name just a few.

His stunning momma is to thank for that.  She is just as fierce as she looks! Her love for the Pacific Northwest runs deep, and she's instilling that love in her little man one adventure at a time. Alessandra is an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, and has been diligent about raising her little one to appreciate the incredible things nature has to offer. 

What I loved the most about my time with this sweet family was seeing the playful love that they share.  Jake was quick to throw Jack up on his shoulders and later chase him and swoop him up so he could tickle him until he was pink in the cheeks. Alessandra held Jack's hands as he jumped up and down off of an old tree stump and didn't hesitate to pick him up so he could peer inside a hollow tree to inspect for critters. 

Jake and Alessandra have the kind of chemistry that sends fireworks off in every direction the moment they get close.  There were so many times that I was about to take a photograph with both of them looking and without warning, Jake would pull her in close for a kiss, grab her hand, or rest his hand on her belly.  

This little family is bursting at the seams with love, and they're so ready to share that love with their sweet baby girl, due to arrive any day now.  Jake and Alessandra, I am so excited for you to welcome another little explorer into your lives.  What a beautiful adventure is in store for her!