Heidi's Bainbridge Island Maternity Shoot | Maternity | Janet Lin Photography


Of all the years I have spent adventuring the Pacific Northwest, somehow I have never made it out to the beautiful Bainbridge Island. Until now, that is, thanks to my dear friend Heidi and her gorgeous baby bump! 

Beautiful rocky beaches, lush forests and friendly faces can be found at every turn on Bainbridge Island.  It is a picturesque island right out of a storybook. The peaceful melody of an acoustic guitar serenading the sand and sea shells floated our direction as we navigated the beach during our shoot. The guitarist couldn't have found a more peaceful location.  The calm waves were glowing as the sun set, and with the Bainbridge ferry passing by in the distance and a warm breeze carrying his song along the shore, I had to pause for a moment and just breathe it all in.

My time on the island with Heidi was a perfect reminder to slow down, take in every moment, and appreciate the miracles that surround us. It's so easy to get caught up in the craziness of parenting and life, sometimes we forget to acknowledge the abundant beauty that is motherhood.

Heidi and I have known each other for about nine years now, and while our lives have intersected in a number of ways, it wasn't until we both were pregnant with our little boys at about the same time that we really connected.  Being able to share in the joys, struggles, and newness of motherhood together has been a significant blessing, and while our individual journey's have certainly been different, we've shared some unique similarities, too, that have brought us closer together.

Heidi's strength as a woman and mother is profound and inspiring. She is preparing to welcome her second child, a little girl, into the world. Pregnancy is such a mysterious time. There is so much uncertainty, excitement, fear, joy - all of these extreme emotions at once, while your body, heart and life are changing. Her pregnancy has been physically challenging to say the least, and while she juggles her responsibilities as a nurse, active blogger at Bainbridge Boheme, and momma to her precious little boy Julian, she has handled even the most seemingly insurmountable moments with such beauty and grace. Heidi, I am honored to know you and to be able to witness your genuine approach to mothering.

I encourage you to venture over to Heidi's blog Bainbridge Boheme to read about some of her adventures living the island life with sweet Julian, and to continue to follow her journey as she and her husband welcome this little girl into the world next month!