Deleon Family | Janet Lin Photography


It is so special to get to see families grow and to document the milestones in their lives!  My first time photographing sweet Alexander he was snug in his mommy's belly.  I had the honor of photographing his birth and have captured his joyful spirit several times since then.  When his momma contacted me to set up his 6 month photoshoot, I was thrilled! 

Alexander is such a sweet, happy little man. He was all smiles during our time together and was really intrigued by the camera. These images of his perfectly plump little thighs, the way he giggled when his daddy nuzzled his belly, and the expression of pure, indescribable love on his mommy's face when she snuggled his cheek with hers are the reason I love doing what I do.  

These darling, yet seemingly small moments, are here and gone with the blink of an eye.  As parents, we know how special it feels to be in them.  But even as precious as they are, the memory of these moments fade with time.  We clearly remember the big milestones, like first steps and birthdays.  But it's easy to forget the way your heart melted when he wrapped his tiny little fingers around yours.  And how the world seemed to stand still when you could hold his tiny body, close your eyes, and feel inexplicably connected to him. 

Getting to document these beautifully small moments makes my heart leap.  As a mom, I can appreciate the sweet stories these images tell, and the significance of having those stories preserved forever in photographs. I am incredibly honored that families like the Deleon's trust me to capture the small moments in their lives.  Thank you Missy and Jake for sharing your sweetheart, and your lives, with me!