The Clark Family | Janet Lin Photography


This beautiful family melted my heart instantly.  Sweet little Archer and Bowie welcomed me into their home (literally) with smiles and excitement.  They just gained a new baby sister, Marley Joelene, five weeks prior and were eager to introduce me to her.  Their love for her is already so evident.

Together, we went for a stroll down a beautiful country road framed by a canopy of trees.  Neil, the family dog, took a quick dip in a stream running along the road while we paused to capture the beauty of this simple, yet perfect setting.  We continued our walk until we came to a vast hay field with a sprinkling of apple trees throughout.  The kids were eager to pick apples with some help from dad. Archer played in a nearby pile of dirt while Bowie got to climb a tree for the first time ever!  

These moments; real, authentic connections between people who love each other, are the reason I love this job.  They are the moments that I want most to document, and they are the ones that make me teary-eyed when I later review them.  They are the little in between moments, like mom nuzzling Bowie’s perfect blonde locks and Archer giving her a quick kiss (then off to play in more dirt!) while she holds sweet Marley.  Moments like a momentary embrace between just mom and dad, allowing them to just relish for a moment in the love that they share and the family that has grown as a result. 

Thank you, Clark family, for sharing a little piece of your lives with me and entrusting me to document these absolutely beautiful moments for you.