Brad + Victoria | Olympia Engagement Photographer | Janet Lin Photography

Brad and Victoria are self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies and love to visit amusement parks and explore new, exciting places. Victoria prefers the city and Brad loves to get lost in the wilderness, so together they experience the best of both worlds.

I love their proposal story because it is a real testament to the way Brad knows Victoria’s heart and his willingness to go above and beyond for her. Family is HUGE to Victoria; an absolute priority in her life which became evident to Brad the moment they met. He knew that when the time came to propose, it would mean the world to Victoria for their families to be involved.

During a weekend getaway to Westport, Brad and Victoria decided to trek to the top of the watch tower to take in the views before heading to breakfast. It was a beautiful morning and Brad knew it would be a scenic spot to ask her the most important question of their lives.

When they got to the top of the tower, Victoria was surprised to be met by all of the people who mattered most to them; Brad had managed to get all three sets of parents there for this momentous occasion. Victoria was moved, to say the least, and of course, she said yes!