Ed & Alysse | Lavender Field Engagement | Janet Lin Photography

Sometimes when two worlds collide, fireworks are the result.  Ed and Alysse seem like polar opposites, but when you put them together they just make sense.

He’s a D.C. native and she’s from the Pacific Northwest.  She’s a bartender (which is awesome) with an affection for the science of a cocktail, and he’s a graphic designer and self-proclaimed anime nerd.  Alysse is 5’2" on a good day and Ed is the kind of guy that offers to help you grab something off the top shelf as you are building a canned corn step ladder to get up there.

Different as they may be, they compliment each other in so many ways.  Ed is a wanderer at heart, and has a plan to visit all seven continents.  Alysse loves travel and culture, and no doubt will enjoy accompanying him as he sets out to achieve that goal!  

In fact, they were on the beach of a private island in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam when Ed proposed. Alysse looked out at the ocean beneath the night sky, and when she turned around, Ed was down on one knee.  It was a fitting location for the first step in a lifetime of adventure for these two lovebirds.

Congrats on your engagement Ed & Alysse!  I am honored to have the opportunity to document your love story and am looking forward to your wedding day!