Rickert Family | Olympia Family Photographer | Janet Lin Photography

I’ve always loved Autumn. Even though I’m typically a little sad to see summer go, there’s something comforting about this time of year. No matter how dry, wet, short or long the summer months are, I can always count on Autumn, like an old friend that I know will be there to reunite with regardless of the previous season of life. Without fail, the leaves will change color and paint the ground orange and red and the air will become beautifully crisp. It’s a time of year defined by warmth and coziness, whether it’s in the form of an oversized sweater, a warm cup of spiced chai or somebody’s arms.

This family session had all the Autumn vibes for me. Not because of the changing leaves and cooler weather, but because it made me realize the parallels between the Autumn season and parenthood.

I had Blake in my classroom years ago when I was still teaching first grade. His sweet baby sister Addy was just a tiny little nugget at that time that would occasionally visit the classroom and put a smile on everyone’s face. Cliche as it may sound, it feels like just yesterday. And yet here Blake is standing nearly as tall as I am and grown up in so many ways!

Although it tugged my heartstrings a bit to see him so grown, I was comforted looking back through the images from this session. What a gift it is to get to be there for our kids through every season. Through all the changes, we get to be their constant; the ‘season’ they can count on, knowing they’ll always be met with the same comforting warmth, the same unconditional love, over and over again.

Here’s to fall and kicking the season off with this wonderful family!