Aundreaha & Patrick | Janet Lin Photography

When Aundreaha & Patrick asked about bringing their fur-babies to their photo session, my dog-loving heart skipped a beat. I knew this spot would be perfect for our time together so the pups could let loose and have some fun, and you can bet that is exactly what they did!

As a dog-mom myself (I also have human children, but that doesn’t change the importance of my furry one) I understand how much these two mean to Aundreaha & Patrick and was so happy that we were able to include them in our session.

On the human side of things, this session came at a pretty exciting time for Aundreaha & Patrick. Just before we arrived at the park, they received a phone call confirming that they BOUGHT A HOUSE! I could just feel their joy and excitement throughout our session and it was so special to catch a bit of that in these images.

Congratulations Patrick & Aundreaha!