Families and Children

I was blessed to grow up in a unique environment that allowed me to spend time with my immediate AND extended family on a daily basis.  There is just something special about the memories we built together.  I cannot smell sugar cookies baking without thinking of my grandma and aunts laughing until they cried in a flour-covered kitchen.  Massive maple trees bring back vivid memories of climbing and make-believe play with my cousins in our giant backyard tree.  Looking back at photos through the years is both nostalgic and overwhelmingly sweet. Having those moments preserved forever in images is a beautiful gift, and it is one that you can give to yourself with family photos. 

As a former elementary school teacher and a parent myself, I feel extremely comfortable interacting with, entertaining, and just generally loving on children of all ages.  I absolutely love to photograph children; their sweet belly laughs, the look of wonderment as they watch ducks waddle through the park, and the way they snuggle up to their momma as the session starts to wind down.  

Whether you would like group portraits or a session focused solely on the tiniest members of your family, I would love to help you preserve the sweetness of the special moments you cherish together.