There is something surreal and insanely beautiful about those first days of your new baby's life. I often hear parents say "it's all a blur now" when they reflect on the earliest moments with their little one.  It doesn't have to be a blur.  Let's stop time together, and preserve some of the sweet, tiny details that tell the story of your little one's first days of life. Those teeny wrinkled feet and fingers, the miniature hospital band around his little ankle, and the way she grasps your finger with her soft, delicate hand; those are the moments I want to help you to remember forever. 

Fresh 48 sessions typically occur at the hospital or place of birth within 24-48 hours of your new baby's life and last 60-90 minutes.  These are lifestyle sessions, meaning I am there to capture authentic, naturally occuring moments using available lighting.  I will not bring props or rigidly pose your new baby; lifestyle photography is about documenting the real (and absolutely beautiful) first moments of your baby's life and the moments you share together.

Sessions are booked in advance for the month of your expected delivery date, and then scheduled on an on-call basis once your baby is born. Due to the on-call nature of these sessions, I am able to accept a limited number for each month.